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Cinco De Madre

Cinco De Madre



The Cinco de Madre (mother love art market) is a collective of local makers showing in Frenchtown, New Jersey.  A conglomerate of street artists, painters, sculptors, and crafters, this group comes together to show along the creek at Ressarts Projects, organized by Catherine Lent & Joe Strasser, and in conjunction with the first-Friday archetype show curated by Joe Strasser and Dustin Parent in Joe’s studio.  Makers of all types of media and a wide range of price-points will gather to celebrate the vast creativity of this community.

Emily Chang will be showing her paintings, and you can see her work at  https://emilypchang.com/

Deb Conti creates a mix of paintings, books, prints, and mixed-media cards, and you can see her paintings at http://eyeoftheseed.com/gallery/

Paula Focazio is an artist best known for her colorful porcelain pottery and henna body art.  In her pottery, she employs the \”sgraffito\” technique to embellish her wares with ornate designs.  She is particularly enamored of Moroccan art and often incorporates those motifs into her artwork.

Michelle Frick photographs her sculptures & installations that live at the intersection of science, art, medicine & nature. Her birds evoke contradictions: nature and the synthetic world that sustains us, human resilience and medical technology, fear and sweetness, waste and environmental awareness.

Catherine Lent https://www.instagram.com/CatherineLentDesign is a calligrapher, paper marbler, and natural henna artist. Her work is at Catherine Lent Design on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CatherineLentDesign

Ron Lent primarily works in painting and drawing, but he’s also a photographer, sculptor, and musician.  You can see and purchase work at https://www.ronlent.com  and he will have original pieces and prints at Cinco de Madre.

Leo Lock will be showing his paintings, and you can find him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/leolock68

Gabby Lynn www.reinventedthreads.com Is Reinvented Threads, creating upcycled fabric bags, hats, and scarves from rescued clothing & textiles. Strives to minimize fabric waste in landfills, producing one-of-a-kind items ready to be loved again.

Lydia Menio burns wooden decor and jewelry items with electricity and these unique treasures can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/FiveDogsArt/?tn-str=k*F

Shannon O’Connell’s primary projects are illustration, drawing, cards, comics, and other cute things.  You can see her work at https://shannonoconnell.myportfolio.com

Dustin Parent does large-scale paintings of Biblical figures, and his work is at The Art of Dustin.

Laura Pointon https://www.instagram.com/scattermatterstudio is the mind behind Scatter Matter Studio, and she makes all sorts of whimsical art and sculpture with found objects and in mixed media.

Sue Ann Rainey will be offering matted and framed photography & watercolors as well as cards, magnets, pillows.  You can see her work at https://www.instagram.com/sa_raineyphoto/

Marianne Resto https://sssoaps.net/main.sc makes handmade soaps, hand scrubs and beard balms with all-natural, vegan ingredients.  She is on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/scrumptious_scrubs/

Nicole Strafaci https://www.instagram.com/pickleandashoevintagecollage/ works in mixed media collage https://www.nicolestrafaci.com/

Joe Strasser makes painting and sculpture. Cinco de Madre art market will be held in his yard. See his work on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/strasserressarts/

Sam Tippett is a painter.  His work can be seen at https://stippett.artspan.com/home