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Jane Kunzman

Jane Kunzman

Mixed Media


Each morning I create a page in my journal. Sometimes I linger with a cup of coffee. Other times my ritual is brief. These daily drawings begin with whatever is right in front of me. In the kitchen. At the table. There is always a bowl of fruit. It holds as much or as little as the household needs for the week. I notice the changing quantities and variations in the bowl because they reveal who is home. When I look at this bowl, it tells a story about the pace and pattern of my family. Up in my studio these same objects become symbols for children, siblings and their relationships.

The format of my journal provides a small area that feels intimate. On my studio walls, I have a large surface that feels expansive. Working small allows me to explore the details.
Working large allows me to expose the possibilities.

Each painting in this series investigates organic forms.
Objects may appear to be quietly sitting still. Drawing closer, I notice that 
something is happening. Through these paintings I am able to hold onto each moment in a life that seems to be rushing by.

It is in the spirit of being present, that I wish to share my story with you.

Quietly sitting still. Doing nothing. 

Jane is part of the group exhibition “THE HIVE”.