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ArtYard is an innovative center for contemporary art in Frenchtown, New Jersey. ArtYard hosts art exhibitions, screenings with visiting filmmakers, live music, poetry and theater events throughout the year.


ArtYard’s spring exhibition The Past Is Prologue: Vernacular Photography, Pop Photographica, and the Road to Selfie Culture, an exhibition featuring vernacular photography from the collections of Daile Kaplan, W.M. Hunt, Nigel Poor, Pete Brook, and Cynthia Elyce Rubin, with original works by Marcia Lippman and Cassandra Zampini is on view in ArtYard’s gallery. This exhibition offers an experiential guide to the evolution of everyday photography from the late nineteenth century to Instagram, and charts a terrain comprised of unauthored and found photographs as well as commercial objects and images divorced from their original contexts. Works of vernacular photography encompass photo booth portraiture, family albums and snapshots, press prints from newspaper archives, and industrial catalogues.


Please join us on Saturday evening, May 4th, for a screening of Paper Moon, a 1973 classic film about a bible salesman who teams up with an orphan girl to form a money-making con team in Depression-era Kansas. Have your portrait taken in ArtYard’s paper moon booth as part of our exhibition on vernacular photography!


For more information about our upcoming events, please visit our website.