Driving America's Art Scene - Hunterdon County, NJ USA

Christine Mundy

Christine Mundy


31 8th Street, Frenchtown, NJ 08825

Christine’s studio will be open on Saturday, May 1 from 11 AM to 5 PM & Sunday, May 2 from 12 PM to 5 PM.

As a child, I was often seen walking around, with my head down. “In a fog,” as my mother put it. I was searching for things, interesting things. Much later I learned these things were called “found objects” by artists. These days I tend to search in flea markets and at rummage sales. Some of my finds have developed into collections, such as old photographs, religious souvenirs, old buttons, old bottles, seashells, interesting stones. My collections don’t tend to have any value, they might even be considered junk by some people. But, they are things that I personally find interesting.

I believe my interest in these objects have a direct correlation to my design sensibilities. I prefer things that look old and worn to the shiny and new. I delight in the bizarre and quirky. These things surround me in my studio and inspire me. I don’t really have a sketchbook for ideas. A regular part of my process is to lay out objects and materials that I would like to include in my work.