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Constance Bassett

Constance Bassett


Constance Bassett will be showing a few of her pieces at the John Prall House and, as well, with David Cann at Moorland Studios. Please make a note of it as Moorland Studios was omitted in error from the printed version of THAT’s tour map. Both locations are in Stockon, NJ, both are on Route 29, and less than a mile apart.

Constance Bassett is a painter and sculptor living in Stockton, New Jersey. Studio work highlighting current work as well as work produced over a period of time.

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Moorland Studios is a multidisciplinary design studio that brings careful consideration and customization to each project it takes on.

Moorland studios specializes in metal sculpture conservation. We are dedicated to preserving cultural and historical works of art for future generations. We also provide highly specialized decorative metal design, fabrication, and replication. Our clients include individuals, designers, architects, decorators, builders, museums, and art collectors Constance K. Bassett and David Cann incorporated Moorland Studios in 1987. As conservation professionals, Constance and David have 40 years of combined experience in conserving, designing, and building with metal.

Moorland studios has been providing customized conservation services on fine art objects and monuments since 1983.

Moorland studios designs, builds, forges, and fabricates metalwork at different scales with the vision and craftsmanship of an artist, the technical skills of a metalsmith and the sensibilities of an engineer.