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Deborah Conti

Deborah Conti


My art is an exploration of color and spirit.  The natural and supernatural are present.

Drawing on resources from feminism, nature-based cultures and design ~ lines interconnect and weave around as all life does. Color explodes and molds into shapes.  My art has always been touched by nature and personal experiences. Forms flowing together in energetic bonds, enhanced by color and symbols.

Many of my painted forms are symbolic bodies with personal design style that cascades into everything I create whether in paintings, cards, textiles or graphic design.  Lines, pattern and how they flow together, organic shapes floating into one another, fascinate me. Growth, like a vine growing out of the ground towards the sky ? this is symbolic journey of my art.

I approach creating very much as a meditation and a connecting to universal flow and devotion to life. I like to explore dream worlds, the unconscious and universal symbolism of the human experience and divine feminine.

My work touches on the idea of what it is to be human – particularly a woman – experiencing the world through our physical, energetic bodies and through our emotions. Human forms in different stages of life in joy, in suffering, in ecstasy, in bliss, in gratefulness.

Looking to the sky, growing from the earth, centered within as the river rushes past.  I hope my art speaks to you.