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Elena Stokes

Elena Stokes



I work with reclaimed sari silk to create a stitched collage. Silk sari remnants, torn and tattered, vary in color, weave and weight bringing a variety of sheen, pattern and texture to my surface designs. Essentially, it is a quilt structure, a slow process of cutting, layering and stitching each piece of silk in place.

To me there is nothing more powerfully moving than standing in open spaces looking at the vastness of All. It speaks to something deep inside and reaches to something far beyond… a moment of grace.

I see the horizon line as a visual delineation of a transformational shift (emotional, mental, spiritual or physical, internal or external) that stretches into Infinity, an eternity of transformation. Nothing stays the same. We, life, the universe, all are in a state of flux, a work in progress.

I leave the fabrics and quilt edges raw and unbound to support the sense of endlessness. The distressed quality adds a beautiful texture, an imperfect and precious fragility, reminding us that impermanence is a part of the on-going eternal process of change.