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Elena Stokes

Elena Stokes


I’ll be in my Clinton studio preparing for the weekend.
Stop by for a quick sneak peek!

Pre-Gala Sneak Peek
Friday, May 4th, 5 – 7 pm

My medium is silk textile collage. Silk sari remnants, torn and tattered, vary in color, weave and weight bringing a variety of sheen, pattern and texture to my surface designs. It’s a slow process of cutting, layering and stitching each piece of silk in place.

Moving from the claustrophobic, overwhelming environment of New York City to the tranquil open spaces of rural New Jersey was a transformative experience. Literally and figuratively, new horizons materialized. The horizon line is a symbol of that change. More than a reference to a move from the city, it speaks to a shift in consciousness and to the endless process of transformation.

By blending textiles and textures with the transformational, I arrive at a visually layered destination of color, line and space.