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Erika Rachel

Erika Rachel


Interested in a virtual tour? Please EMAIL Erika at iLoveErikaRachel@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Erika Rachel is self taught and best known for her abstract paintings, but has worked in mediums such as screen printing, collage, and photography. She’s exhibited at respected institutions, museums, galleries, art fairs, and boutiques along the northeast, including The Guild Hall Museum, Ashawagh Hall and ArtExpo.

She enjoys teaching workshops, doing live demonstrations, and partnering with government officials to create opportunities for the public to engage with art. She’s spoken on various artist panels, has worked with brands like Tag Heuer and Chef’s Club by F&W, and is a regular event artist with Robert Graham.

Her work sits in the private collections of notable art patrons including Lawrence Benenson (MoMa Board of Trustees) and Cyma Zarghami (Former Viacom President). Erika is also mentioned in countless newspapers, and featured in magazines L’Etage, Posture, CREATIV and The Princeton Packet.