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Erika Rachel

Erika Rachel


Erika Rachel is best known for her abstract paintings, but has worked in mediums such as
screen printing, collage, and photography.  She’s self taught, and started her full time professional art practice in early 2013 as a means of supporting herself after a difficult divorce and the loss of her father.

Her work has exhibited at the Guild Hall Museum (East Hampton, NY), Ashawagh Hall (East Hampton, NY), Paul Labrecque (UES, NYC), Dop Dop (Soho, NYC), Art Expo (Pier 94, NYC), Artworks (Trenton, NJ), Hopewell Valley Vineyards (Pennington NJ), Prallsville Mills (Stockton, NJ), and annually at The “A” Space Gallery (New Hope, PA).

I’m currently exploring the subjects: Influence, information and change, while preparing a collaborative multimedia piece.