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Hunterdon Art Museum - T.H.A.T. Artist Exhibition and Party - FREE - Fri. 5/3 , 7-9

Hunterdon Art Museum - T.H.A.T. Artist Exhibition and Party - FREE - Fri. 5/3 , 7-9

Group Exhibition

On Friday Evening, May 3rd, HAM will host a gala and exhibition representing all of the Artists Represented on our Profile Page, There will be refreshments, it is free and open to the public. This is a benefit exhibition – all of the artwork is for sale with 50% of each sale going to the artist, 25% benefiting HAM, and 25% funding THAT for our 2020 Tour. 

In THE RIVER GALLERY, view an exhibition featuring many of our extremely talented high school art teachers. 

This group exhibition will feature the work of RJ Calabrese, Teresa Diaz, Jason Farnsworth, Betty Jacobsen, Chris Larson and Sarah Ruppert. We are incredibly honored and excited to be a part of THAT. We represent a cohort of Hunterdon County High School Art Teachers. It goes without saying that THAT’s mission is at the core of what we try to do every day in the classroom… cultivate awareness and recognition for and of the arts. We believe that being a good teacher is an art form in and of itself. But, each of us is dedicated to being a teaching artist. We are potters, painters, sculptures, photographers, and fiber artists. We question, explore, interpret, and sometimes just make. Our art informs our teaching in a way that no textbook can. We are a busy people and we struggle to make time to for our art. This small show is a celebration of all the hard work we do to stay artistically connected and committed to the process. We thank THAT for their work and their support of our programs.


ABOUT HAM: The Hunterdon Art Museum presents changing exhibitions of contemporary art, craft and design in a 19th century stone mill listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Founded in 1952, the Museum showcases works by internationally recognized and emerging contemporary artists. It also offers a dynamic schedule of art classes and workshops for children and adults, and a popular summer camp program. The Hunterdon Art Museum is a landmark regional art center featuring works by contemporary artists and offering a wide range of art classes and workshops for children and adults.