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Kissimmee River Pottery

Kissimmee River Pottery

Group Venue


Kissimmee River Pottery is a working pottery studio and pottery school. With over 75 adult students, the studio is filled with amazing pottery.

I have been making functional pottery for over forty years and still find myself fascinated by the ever-changing characteristics of clay. Although I have specific ideas about function, I believe that you have to allow the clay to have some control, some freedom of movement within the form, if you want your pots to have life. Each pot evolves gradually as I try to maintain a harmonious balance between the form and its function.

Kissimmee River Pottery is more than a pottery studio. In the past 14 years it has grown to be an amazing community of people from all walks of life. We come together to make pots and share ideas and laughter. It is a wonderful place to spend some time, make new friends and get your hands dirty.

– John Fulwood, Owner, Kissimmee RIver Pottery