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Sheila Fernekes

Sheila Fernekes


Sheila will be offering virtual tours of her studio via Zoom by appointment only on Saturday, May 1 & Sunday, May 2.

To schedule a time to meet with her virtually, please contact her at sheila@sheilafernekesdesign.com or 908-391-5568.

I often compare creating my art jewelry to composing music. One by one, I weave small glass beads into color and texture compositions of rhythmic patterns and harmonic progressions that interplay with hand formed polymer, semi-precious gemstones and non-traditional materials. I like pushing the boundaries of this ancient technique to explore variations that elevate my work beyond adornment to wearable art. My unique expression engages the wearer in a dialog that enriches both our lives.

The clean lines and efficient design of the Bauhaus art movement is particularly inspiring to me. Its visionary approach to experimentation and evolution of ideas reinforces its premise that good design has the potential to build a new world. I try to emulate this sense of exploration and curiosity in every piece I create, with attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship.