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Val Sivilli

Val Sivilli


Val’s studio will be open by appointment only on Saturday, May 1 from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Please contact her at valsivilli@gmail.com or 908-268-2843 to arrange a time to visit.


Animal behavior is a great signifier. Those absolutely crazy moments of deadly growls and vicious attacks are captivating. There are power-plays between feral cats and house cats. It is a subtle yet terrifying game of who is protecting whom and why. This game of intimidation and submission flips and flops, teases and taunts, goes back and forth. It is not unlike a seduction. It is hard to look away.

In the “CatFight” series, a very conscious use of color and composition civilizes the subject matter.

In the “BEAST” series, a six foot tall animal confronts the viewer face to face.

Many of my paintings are initially sourced, then re-configured, from screen shots of youtube videos stopped at strategic spots. The disturbing fact that these videos even exist is a testament to feral inclinations that are in perilous proximity to the surface of the human animal.