Driving America's Art Scene - Hunterdon County, NJ USA

Registration for 2019 THAT is OPEN!

Registration for The Hunterdon Art Tour (THAT) is now open.

Registration for THAT is now on CaFÉ, a portal for artists and art events. We think you’ll find this an easier means to register. You can register by going here and following the prompts.

The Hunterdon Art Tour (THAT) is an annual self-guided driving tour of Hunterdon County, NJ artist’s studios. The Tour will be on Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th from 10 AM to 6 PM each day. It includes an exhibition, sale and reception at the Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton, NJ on Friday, May 3rd from 7 – 9 PM.

The fee for an individual artist is $125; a group venue is $250.

As an individual artist, your studio will be shown on both online and printed maps designed to facilitate the Tour to visitors; you will have your own artist’s page on THAT’s website and the option of participating in the Hunterdon Art Museum exhibition and sale. Artists may enter as a group venue, a more economical way to participate if multiple artists choose to exhibit together at one location. Group venues are shown on both online and printed maps and have a page on THAT’s website.

For more information visit http://thehunterdonarttour.com/artist-application/

Welcome to the The Hunterdon Art Tour • Saturday, May 5th & Sunday 6th, 2018 10-6PM 

Welcome to the The Hunterdon Art Tour • Saturday, May 5th & Sunday 6th, 2018 10-6PM 


Printed MAPS are available throughout Hunterdon County  •  refer to the list of locations at the bottom of the MAPS page

CLICK HERE for a Downloadable PDF and a Detailed GOOGLE MAP

Artists will be in their STUDIOS and as well many GROUP DESTINATIONS throughout Hunterdon County

Simply click on the images to find our about each artist. To navigate the participants alphabetically, use the DIRECTORY.

Friday Evening May 4th, 2018 • KICK OFF EVENT at HAM in CLINTON 



The Maps
The Cards
The Lawn Signs
Wednesday April 18th, at 7PM at Frenchtown Boro Hall, 29 Second Street, Frenchtown NJ 08825


  • The Maps
  • The Cards
  • The Lawn Signs

Wednesday April 18th, at 7PM at Frenchtown Boro Hall, 29 Second Street, Frenchtown NJ 08825


Check your Profiles!!

For Participating Artists and Destinations:

Please proof read your page!

  • profiles
  • addresses
  • emails
  • urls’s
  • all that good stuff.

xo . THAT

New info & Deadline Fast Approaching

New INFO about showing  with other artists AT ONE LOCATION.

  • If THREE or more artists will be showing AT ONE LOCATION 
  • AND each of them pay the $125 fee to have an individual artist page on our website
  • THEN we will make that location a DESTINATION and identify it as such on our map and give it a page on website
It’s that simple!
In this way you get to show your work with other artists; have your work featured on its own web page; and as a DESTINATION with muliple artists you might increase traffic during THAT.

The deadline to register is March 15th.  Meeting this deadline insures that your studio or destination will appear on the printed map and we’ll have enough time to create your webpage. If you need to refresh your understanding of the details to participate, go here: http://thehunterdonarttour.com/participate/ If want to head straight for Entrythingy, to register, go here: http://www.entrythingy.com/d=thehunterdonarttour.com. 

Let’s create NEW THAT memories May 2018

re: T.H.A.T.  2018 May 4,5,6


  1. The Hunterdon Art Museum will again graciously host the group exhibition Gala event on Friday, May 4th.
  2. THAT has received a grant from The Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commission for 2018.
  3. ICON magazine presented THAT with a cash award for our work in 2017 and to help us move forward in 2018.
  4. DIY, in Flemington is becoming a vital partner in our efforts.
  5. ARTYARD is our 2018 matching partner for HCCHC’s grant.
  6. We have begun fundraising for 2018.
  7. We had our first very well attended Artist Meeting at DIY in Flemington on Thursday evening Dec 7th at 7PM.

Get Found – Get Listed! Get on the Hunterdon County Creative Assets Inventory!

Sustainable Frenchtown and the Hunterdon County Creative Team are conducting an inventory of all things creative in and around the Frenchtown area. Knowing what we have, who we are, and where we work and play is the first step in building a creative network.

The success of this project depends on YOU! A comprehensive inventory of our assets is the first step to advancing and developing the arts in our area. Add your assets, spread the word, and get involved! Contact us at creativeteam.assets@gmail.com.

go to :  http://www.creativehunterdon.org/survey.html And choose a category . Help us build this thing.  Help us build our community.

You’re Invited to OUR VERY FIRST T.H.A.T. SALON!

Because, recently I have been setting ablaze numerous pieces of my artwork releasing unexpected swaths of creative energy, I’m certain, really certain, that you might have created SOMETHING in your life (omitting offspring) that is best set on fire – best sacrificed to the universe – given back to the wellspring of creative energy.  This SOMETHING might be too meaningful, too resonant, to simply throw away, or to give away. It might provoke enough resonant discomfort (or overly comfortable-ness) in its existence that it is best recycled back into the basic elements that serves to create matter and art.

So, come join me, and Barry – since he has a lot of firewood to fuel this endeavor – and BURN SOMETHING! He makes really significant bonfires. Sacrifice SOMETHING!  Create NEW energy – allow that stagnant creative object to be re-configured into fresh, new basic elemental possibilities!

You are encourage to eulogize, if you see fit.  You are more than welcome to simply come and observe

All burnings will be documented.

fyi – I would welcome a DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER to officially film this event – contact me if you’re interested in being that person!  We could use more than one – for sure – different angles, etc.

Click HERE to view an actual sacrifice.

  • HOST: Val Sivilli
  • WHAT:  Burn It : Bring a piece of ART that you created to sacrifice or come and observe the event or help document the event. 
  • WHERE: 100 River Road, Pohatcong, NJ 08865 (Barry & Val’s House) at the intersection of River Road and Pincher’s Point Rd – you should be able to see the fire when you drive up. Park along the road close to the fence – should be fine.
  • FOOD:  Not sure yet – Pizza and Beer?
  • RSVP: not totally essential –  but if you can –  email or text Val (908-268-2843) to let me know if you’re coming:  ValSivilli@gmail.comRSVP  –

  • Torrential Rain?  Will be rescheduled. TBA


Re-Inventing the Arts in Hunterdon County

“Re-Inventing the Arts in Hunterdon County.”

(Taken from Val Sivilli’s Blog – valsivilli.com)

T.H.A.T. , The Hunterdon Art Tour completed its first year triumphantly!

It seems that most of the visitors to our studios this year were other artists. At first this worried me, but I quickly realized how great that actually is.  As we create a stronger community, as we become cohesive, when we are able to easily work together and form critique groups, curate exhibitions, hold workshops, share ideas then we will be able to share our process, we will be able to show our work with greater relevance to our community. Once we are able to do that, as well we become a stronger force.

Like those DownTown artists in the 1950’s and 60’s, we here in Hunterdon County are finding each other. We are expanding our community.

From”Inventing Downtown” – I saw this photograph and laughed! It was taken by my undergraduate drawing professor from SUNY Purchase – John Cohen. It reminded me of how small the art world really is.

Very recently, The Grey Art Gallery at NYU held an exhibition called “Inventing Downtown.” During the 1950’s and 60’s many artists moved downtown and opened their own exhibition spaces. Artists yearned to create art without being constrained by the concerns of uptown galleries. Uptown galleries defined the success of the work by how well it sold. Moving downtown facilitated experimentation and collaboration without a concern for a huge price tag.  Spaces downtown were cheap. There was ample room for exhibition spaces, studios and an opportunity for artists to find solace in each other’s company – to share ideas, collaborate, influence each other without the nerve wracking consideration of whether to not the market would support those efforts. When community of artists swaps ideas, talks, connects regularly – Art Thrives! When artists can create without constraint, they are society’s vital sounding board  – the most valuable role for any artist.  Artists are our conscience  – the eye and ears and voice for which society depends.  Artists assist society in interpreting the times and find reason and answers and insight.

I am saying CHEERS to us all!  Taking this into our own hands will serve to empower our voices as artists.  We are sprinting out of the gate! BRAVO!

Join Us on Friday May 5th at HAM

  • We are having a PARTY!

  • Come meet the artists

  • View a special exhibition of the artists work.

  • Pick up your free tour map.

  • Buy something if you can.

  • Drink a little wine from Beneduce Vineyards.

  • Eat a few snacks from BEX kitchen.

  • Listen to music from the Opera Project

  • Click HERE for the Eventbrite Invitation


Artist and Destination Meeting: April 20th


If you cannot make it – PLEASE send someone in your stead.

All changes to the website are FINAL after the 20th of April.

  • Pick up your Maps,

  • Get all your info about the HAM show – Drop off – Managing Sales – and Pick up of work

  • Pick up your LAWN SIGNS.

  • Last chance to air any grievances (for this year anyway)

It is at the Frenchtown BORO HALL 29 SECOND STREET, FRENCHTOWN NJ 08825



If you have not done so already  – Like THAT’s FACEBOOK PAGE & INSTAGRAM FEED!  Share posts everywhere you can.  We have the benefit of 39 artists sharing everywhere.  How great will that be. I will be posting an individual profile page each and everyday until the tour. Here is our very first post.. alphabetical order. We will begin to purchase facebook ads this week.  We just ordered LAWN SIGNS!  and the maps should be here soon….  wow.. we are smokin’.


Check your pages!

Hello All.

The Structure of the Website has been updated to include ARTIST PROFILES and DESTINATIONS

The Destination Information has been gleaned from various places. The ARTIST PROFILE information was taken from your entrythingy application. Check the info, make sure the links are working properly and that the text is what you want representing you. If you have additional photos, please send them as well.

Send any updates, additions or changes to valsivilli@gmail.com BEFORE APRIL 15th.




Here’s how you do it!!!


  • Become a DONOR at or above the BRONZE Level


  • Be part of a group of 3 or more artists accepted into THAT in one location.

What you get as DESTINATION:
  • A dedicated webpage when we are provided with:
  • Photos
  • Physical Address
  • Weblinks/Website
  • Location on Google Map (Donate by April 15th)
  • Listed on Printed Map, as well. (Donate by March15th)
THAT’s EMAIL: info@thehunterdonarttour.com
Send Photos and info about your destination to:  valsivilli@gmail.com
Send checks made payable to River Union Stage to:
The Hunterdon Art Tour, PO Box 106, Baptistown, NJ 08803


The Deadline for Applying as as Artist for this Tour is FEBRUARY 15th!


Twenty-one artists attended the public meeting on January 24th.
The enthusiasm for THAT was palpable!

Feedback from the artists changed our plans:
There will be no limit on the price of artworks displayed at the
opening night exhibit at the Hunterdon Art Museum.
The size limit remains: no dimension greater than 30″.

We directed the artists’ attention to the website of the
Saugerties Art Tour
for a model of the pages THAT will create to highlight participating
artists and their work.

THAT is welcoming groups of artists
who want to show at one location!

(Several groups of artists are already planning to participate together).

There are TWO options:

OPTION #1: Each artist applies (for the same location),
and thus each artist will have a page on our web site.

OPTION #2: The group signs up to be a Destination (at a cost of $250),
thus saving the application/registration fees for each artist,
but each artist does not have a page on our website. To have a profile page on the site AND be a destination, the artists must each pay $35. Application plus $90. Upon acceptance.


The deadline for Sponsors and Destinations
who want to appear on THAT’s printed map:
MARCH 1, 2017

Sponsors and groups of artists who sign up to be a Destination will appear on the printed custom-made THAT map, which will be widely distributed in April, but you must sign up by the deadline of March 1, 2017.

Sponsors and Destinations who sign up after March 1st will appear only our website.


THAT team wants to thank all of you who came to meeting this past Tuesday Evening. It was incredibly informative for us and totally affirming! We have come to a few decisions we would like to share:

  1. RE: Hunterdon Museum of ART Exhibition: We will NOT impose a price limitation on the piece that the participating artist chooses to submit. The scale will be limited to 30″ wide for wall work. Display options for Sculpture and other items will be worked out individually.
  2.  We are planning to create separate pull down menus for multiple artists exhibiting at one location : i.e: Toshiko Takaezu STUDIO, Prallsville Mills, Sunflower Studio – or others – as well as individual pages for each artist.
  3. We are maintaining the TOTAL price for the tour at $125.  ($35. application fee + $90. due at acceptance)
  4. Destinations do NOT get artists pages. Destinations will have a place on the MAP – both Printed (if $$ paid by March 1st) and DIGITAL (no deadline) – and a link to their website through the destination marker.

\I’m sure there is more – but I gotta get back to that painting across the room!

xo val

Q&A Meeting, 1-24

… and all others interested in participating in THAT

When: TUESDAY, JANUARY 24TH @ 7 p.m.
29 2nd St.
Frenchtown, NJ 08825

Put it on your calendar!!  Come with your ideas, your questions and anything else you would like to share.

There’s a Lot to Announce!

Read it all!


We have created the ARTIST APPLICATION to PARTICIPATE in the Tour.
The application period OPENS January 1, 2017.
The application period ENDS January 31, 2017.
Apply! It’s easy!


Location to be announced
Put it on your calendar!!

THAT: We are a new organization, learning as we go, and there’s a lot to learn! We benefit from the input we’re getting from you.


Our aim in creating THAT was to establish an event that gave the artists in our county a chance to show off and sell their work directly to the public. We want THAT to be a place where artists who make their work and have demonstrated dedication to it can shine. We are curating the tour. We are curating the tour to ensure we have artists who fit that target group.

This year the curators are the four of us, the people who formed this event. Three of us are visual artists, one is a writer. We are sensitive to the demands of putting art at the center of our lives and want to honor those who do.


As a result from input, we are adding an option to THAT, the DESTINATION option. If you want your restaurant, gallery or other place of business (but not an artist’s studio) to be a DESTINATION on the THAT Map, you can! For a donation of $250.00 (or above) you will be listed as a DESTINATION.

We are in the process of designing a printed map for the tour. Donate $250 or more and your DESTINATION will be on our printed and digital maps.


Put info@thehunterdonarttour.com in your address book.

Check your spam folder if you’re reading this on our website or blog.
Regards from the THAT team,

Val Sivilli
Catherine Suttle
Kathleen Thompson
Jay Raymond

Going LIVE!


Anyone want to share these babies? They need to go all over the county to generate involvement. Give us a shout.

hunterdonarttour@gmail.com.   Att: Val Sivilli

Send me an email and an address and I will bring some to you, or coordinate where you can pick some up.

Spread the Word

THAT has been having great momentum. We had a fruitful meeting this evening.

THAT is asking you to spread the word about getting involved in the tour.

Here are 3 ways the you can spread the word.

  • Tell ARTISTS you may know. Send them a link to this BLOG.
  • Have a Favorite Restaurant with great wall space… tell them they can be involved.
  • How about Musicians? Saturday night will be a fabulous opportunity to perform around the county.  Send them a link to this BLOG.

Applications for PARTICIPATION in THAT opens Jan, 1 2017.

For information regarding Participation, go to the PARTICIPATION link.

Creative Team Meeting Tonight!

We are thrilled to share the great news that a local group (identified as “Creative Team”) formed and identified The Hunterdon Art Tour (THAT) as a key project to support!

People are gathering this evening in Frenchtown to organize volunteer help for THAT, which will be held May 6 & 7, 2017. We welcome your participation!
Time and location:
When: Monday, Nov. 14 at 7pm (Full Moon!)
Where: Artful Collector & Studio
29 Race Street
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
(Artful Collector is in the courtyard to the left of the National Hotel)
No need to RSVP. Just come!!

Great things happening!

If you didn’t already know, a Hunterdon County Creative Team has been formed. We have been almost formally approved by Sustainable New Jersey. This team’s very first goal is to provide active support for THE HUNTERDON ART TOUR! At the next meeting of the Creative Team, members of THAT will be at the meeting with out list of Volunteer Activities that we need to make this tour a success.

Please come!  It will be on Monday October 17 7PM at the new gallery directly south of The National Hotel in Frenchtown – It’s Rita’s place !  It will be great to see you. Feel free to contact me with any questions. valsivilli@gmail.com

A lot is happening now all at once.  We are still waiting on the NJ Tourism grant announcement. Fingers are still crossed – although they are getting a bit cramped!




We had to stop somewhere.

We are still waiting to hear from the NJ Tourism about the grant. Soon… we hope… Fingers Crossed Everybody!

Also, a Creative Team is forming as we speak. It actually looks like it will happen and that it will be an amazing group of folks to get started with. If you want more info about this and would like to be involved, contact me at valsivilli@gmail.com and I will put you in the loop.


Progress Report!!!

After much hard work and a lot of meetings, last week the Committee has succeeded in meeting and uploading the deadline for the NJ TOURISM Grant application. It was accepted and it is being reviewed. We have also secured a 25% matching donor which we will announce once we hear about the results of the grant application. We should know in less than 10 weeks. We all needed a little breather – that was a lot of work… so after Memorial Day, we will call our next meeeting.  Fingers crossed y’all!!


update on progress

Good afternoon!

There is so much enthusiasm for THAT is Hunterdon County.  We are moving along at breakneck speed.

The Core Steering Committee is working hard to meet the deadline for applying for a NJ Tourism Grant to fund the first year of THAT. The deadline is Monday,  and it looks really great!  we are getting there.  It’s been a lot of work. We should know if we get this grant by late summer.  A meeting will be called in July to pull together our list of volunteers and try to get a handle on what our logo actually is. A preliminary version of the logo is loaded up on the blog (look up!) for now at least.

I encourage you to PLEASE join you local Green Teams, and contact me to join the Creative Team so that we can apply for funding through Sustainable New Jersey.

CHEERS!!!  val



Meeting to create a Project plan.

These are the minutes from the meeting. Project plan to be posted at a later date. 

April 14th, 2016

Jay Raymond, Kathleen Thompson, Catherine Suttle, Val Sivilli

  1.  We have decided on a name :  T.H.A.T.  The Hunterdon Art Tour
  2.  URL is www.TheHunterdonArtTour.com/.org/.net
  3. We have decided to move forward with  THAT (the tour) before pulling together the Creative Team.  We are NOT abandoning Sustainable NJ and the Creative Team, although we felt as if THAT would actually help us to be able to find players in a County Wide Creative Team. We decided this because of the seemingly daunting process of putting 2 teams together.(a creative team AND a studio tour team) So, we are going to begin very simply. A very simple website.Maybe even a mail in check with a pdf downloadable form!  How’s about that!
  4. We will reach out to River Union Stage to act as our 501.C3 umbrella.
  5. We will apply to NJ Tourism Grant for 2017
  6. We will meet with Carrie Fellows to talk about their partnership.
  7. We will schedule an Artist meeting TBA in early summer.