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Get Found – Get Listed! Get on the Hunterdon County Creative Assets Inventory!

Sustainable Frenchtown and the Hunterdon County Creative Team are conducting an inventory of all things creative in and around the Frenchtown area. Knowing what we have, who we are, and where we work and play is the first step in building a creative network.

The success of this project depends on YOU! A comprehensive inventory of our assets is the first step to advancing and developing the arts in our area. Add your assets, spread the word, and get involved! Contact us at creativeteam.assets@gmail.com.

go to :  http://www.creativehunterdon.org/survey.html And choose a category . Help us build this thing.  Help us build our community.

You’re Invited to OUR VERY FIRST T.H.A.T. SALON!

Because, recently I have been setting ablaze numerous pieces of my artwork releasing unexpected swaths of creative energy, I’m certain, really certain, that you might have created SOMETHING in your life (omitting offspring) that is best set on fire – best sacrificed to the universe – given back to the wellspring of creative energy.  This SOMETHING might be too meaningful, too resonant, to simply throw away, or to give away. It might provoke enough resonant discomfort (or overly comfortable-ness) in its existence that it is best recycled back into the basic elements that serves to create matter and art.

So, come join me, and Barry – since he has a lot of firewood to fuel this endeavor – and BURN SOMETHING! He makes really significant bonfires. Sacrifice SOMETHING!  Create NEW energy – allow that stagnant creative object to be re-configured into fresh, new basic elemental possibilities!

You are encourage to eulogize, if you see fit.  You are more than welcome to simply come and observe

All burnings will be documented.

fyi – I would welcome a DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER to officially film this event – contact me if you’re interested in being that person!  We could use more than one – for sure – different angles, etc.

Click HERE to view an actual sacrifice.

  • HOST: Val Sivilli
  • WHAT:  Burn It : Bring a piece of ART that you created to sacrifice or come and observe the event or help document the event. 
  • WHERE: 100 River Road, Pohatcong, NJ 08865 (Barry & Val’s House) at the intersection of River Road and Pincher’s Point Rd – you should be able to see the fire when you drive up. Park along the road close to the fence – should be fine.
  • FOOD:  Not sure yet – Pizza and Beer?
  • RSVP: not totally essential –  but if you can –  email or text Val (908-268-2843) to let me know if you’re coming:  ValSivilli@gmail.comRSVP  –

  • Torrential Rain?  Will be rescheduled. TBA


Re-Inventing the Arts in Hunterdon County

“Re-Inventing the Arts in Hunterdon County.”

(Taken from Val Sivilli’s Blog – valsivilli.com)

T.H.A.T. , The Hunterdon Art Tour completed its first year triumphantly!

It seems that most of the visitors to our studios this year were other artists. At first this worried me, but I quickly realized how great that actually is.  As we create a stronger community, as we become cohesive, when we are able to easily work together and form critique groups, curate exhibitions, hold workshops, share ideas then we will be able to share our process, we will be able to show our work with greater relevance to our community. Once we are able to do that, as well we become a stronger force.

Like those DownTown artists in the 1950’s and 60’s, we here in Hunterdon County are finding each other. We are expanding our community.

From”Inventing Downtown” – I saw this photograph and laughed! It was taken by my undergraduate drawing professor from SUNY Purchase – John Cohen. It reminded me of how small the art world really is.

Very recently, The Grey Art Gallery at NYU held an exhibition called “Inventing Downtown.” During the 1950’s and 60’s many artists moved downtown and opened their own exhibition spaces. Artists yearned to create art without being constrained by the concerns of uptown galleries. Uptown galleries defined the success of the work by how well it sold. Moving downtown facilitated experimentation and collaboration without a concern for a huge price tag.  Spaces downtown were cheap. There was ample room for exhibition spaces, studios and an opportunity for artists to find solace in each other’s company – to share ideas, collaborate, influence each other without the nerve wracking consideration of whether to not the market would support those efforts. When community of artists swaps ideas, talks, connects regularly – Art Thrives! When artists can create without constraint, they are society’s vital sounding board  – the most valuable role for any artist.  Artists are our conscience  – the eye and ears and voice for which society depends.  Artists assist society in interpreting the times and find reason and answers and insight.

I am saying CHEERS to us all!  Taking this into our own hands will serve to empower our voices as artists.  We are sprinting out of the gate! BRAVO!

Join Us on Friday May 5th at HAM

  • We are having a PARTY!

  • Come meet the artists

  • View a special exhibition of the artists work.

  • Pick up your free tour map.

  • Buy something if you can.

  • Drink a little wine from Beneduce Vineyards.

  • Eat a few snacks from BEX kitchen.

  • Listen to music from the Opera Project

  • Click HERE for the Eventbrite Invitation


Artist and Destination Meeting: April 20th


If you cannot make it – PLEASE send someone in your stead.

All changes to the website are FINAL after the 20th of April.

  • Pick up your Maps,

  • Get all your info about the HAM show – Drop off – Managing Sales – and Pick up of work

  • Pick up your LAWN SIGNS.

  • Last chance to air any grievances (for this year anyway)

It is at the Frenchtown BORO HALL 29 SECOND STREET, FRENCHTOWN NJ 08825



If you have not done so already  – Like THAT’s FACEBOOK PAGE & INSTAGRAM FEED!  Share posts everywhere you can.  We have the benefit of 39 artists sharing everywhere.  How great will that be. I will be posting an individual profile page each and everyday until the tour. Here is our very first post.. alphabetical order. We will begin to purchase facebook ads this week.  We just ordered LAWN SIGNS!  and the maps should be here soon….  wow.. we are smokin’.


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