Driving America's Art Scene - Hunterdon County, NJ USA


As talented and capable as our team of 4 is, we really could use your special skills. Feel free to contact Val, Jay, Kathleen or Catherine at info@thehunterdonarttour.com


WEBMASTER: Last year RiverNet Built our site, and Val Sivilli is maintaining it – but Val has too many things to do!  And – honestly –  she is not THAT GREAT at website work. So if there is someone out there who wants to manage this thing, I for one KNOW that she would happily allow you to take over the job.

SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR:  Assist with maintenance of social media accounts, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, etc. – Yeah – Val is doing this too – but she knows there is a much more savvy, younger artists itching to be in charge of this part of THAT!!!

MUNICIPAL LIAISON: Help to establish a presence in each of the County’s 26 municipalities. 

MATERIALS DISTRIBUTOR: Distribute cards/maps/posters/lawn signs/etc. to locations throughout Hunterdon County and other locations. 

FUNDRAISING: Help us to raise money in our community.

COPY EDITOR Too late, already filled!



  • Accepting work for the exhibit at Hunterdon Art Museum (HAM)
  • Hanging and taking down the show at HAM
  • Assisting with artwork sales at the May 5 reception
  • Assisting with the May 5 reception and May 6-7 exhibit at HAM
  • Work with artist(s) to ensure each participant is fully supporting before and during Tour weekend.


DO YOU HAVE GREAT PEOPLE SKILLS?  Consider one of these Tasks:

  • ARTIST CULTIVATION:  Identify and contact artists to invite application. Help us to connect artists that you know with this exciting opportunity to showcase the arts in Hunterdon County
  • PERFORMING ARTIST CULTIVATION – Identify and contact musicians/poets/writers/etc. to invite participation during the Tour.
  • SPONSOR CULTIVATION: Identify and invite the support of prospective sponsors
  • VENUE/ARTIST CONNECTION: Identify and contact venues (restaurants and other businesses) to invite participation by hosting an artist (or artists) during the Tour
  • ACCESS COORDINATOR: With support from the Steering Committee, develop and manage THAT’s approach for providing participating artists and volunteers with the appropriate information/training in disability awareness and service to audiences with disabilities.

Contact THAT


The Hunterdon Art Tour,
PO Box 106, Baptistown, NJ 08803