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Catherine Suttle

Catherine Suttle


Catherine’s studio will be open by appointment only on Saturday, May 1 & Sunday, May 2.

To schedule a time to visit, please contact her at jcathsutt@icloud.com or 908-216-1934.

My work draws from painters of the mid-20th century. Abstract Expressionism led me to a personal means of applying paint. The post-painterly abstractionists attract me because of the way they force viewers to challenge expectations. I draw upon Milton Avery’s compositions of simple shapes, awkwardness, and harmonious combinations. Avery’s quality of color is ever-present. Richard Diebenkorn’s “New Mexico” paintings influence the way my paintings are layered, revealing an underlying structure in untethered space.

The outcome of drawing upon these artists––along with something all my own––are paintings that focus on the potency of color; provide surprise in an environment of equilibrium; and engross the viewer who notices the subtle nuances that inhabit the field. Drawing Avery, some works provide an overall sensation of awkwardness while others offer an overall sensation of composure but are built with elements that, individually, are awkward.