Driving America's Art Scene - Hunterdon County, NJ USA



As talented and capable as our team of two is, we really could use your special skills.

Feel free to contact Kathleen Thompson or Catherine Suttle at info@thehunterdonarttour.com


MUNICIPAL LIAISON: Help to establish a presence in each of the County’s 26 municipalities. 

MATERIALS DISTRIBUTOR: Distribute cards/maps/posters/lawn signs/etc. to locations throughout Hunterdon County and other locations. 

FUNDRAISING: Help us to raise money in our community.



  • Accepting work for the exhibit at Hunterdon Art Museum (HAM).

  • Hanging and taking down the show at HAM.

  • Assisting with logistics for the Opening Reception on April 29 at HAM.

  • Gallery sitting during the April 30 – May 1 exhibit at HAM.

  • Work with artist(s) to ensure each participant is fully supported before and during Tour weekend.


DO YOU HAVE GREAT PEOPLE SKILLS?  Consider one of these Tasks:

  • ARTIST CULTIVATION:  Identify and contact artists to invite registration. Help us to connect artists that you know with this exciting opportunity to showcase the arts in Hunterdon County.

  • PERFORMING ARTIST CULTIVATION: Identify and contact musicians/poets/writers/etc. to invite participation during the Tour.

  • SPONSOR CULTIVATION: Identify and invite the support of prospective sponsors.

  • VENUE/ARTIST CONNECTION: Identify and contact venues (restaurants and other businesses) to invite participation by hosting an artist (or artists) during the Tour.

  • ACCESS COORDINATOR: With support from Kathleen and Catherine, develop and manage THAT’s approach for providing participating artists and volunteers with the appropriate information/training in disability awareness and service to audiences with disabilities.