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As a vital and multitalented team, we have officially identified THAT as our very first ACTION.

With Leigh Marino leading the pack, here is our working Misson statement:

“The Hunterdon County Creative Team’s mission is to enrich and enhance our neighborhoods and county by fostering meaningful connections between creative people within our community. We intend to be a vehicle through which creativity may emerge in any and all areas it may be needed and to encourage the development of the Arts in Hunterdon County.”

The Creative Team, shown here this summer in Frenchtown, NJ, is officially recognized by Sustainable Jersey. Members of our community including members of Holland, Lambertville, Frenchtown, Clinton, Flemington and Alexandria Townships Green Teams have joined forces.


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Sustainable NJ has identified “ARTS AND CULTURE” as an integral part of sustainable assets that deserve funding in the State of NJ.  Many of Hunterdon County’s residents are currently serving on a Green Team.  It is relatively easy to become appointed if you are not. If you don’t have a Green Team in your municipality, you can consider starting one.  But, regardless, you can serve on the Hunterdon HUB’s Creative Team if you desire even if your municipality does not have its very own Green Team.

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