Driving America's Art Scene - Hunterdon County, NJ USA


Meeting to create a Project plan.

These are the minutes from the meeting. Project plan to be posted at a later date. 

April 14th, 2016

Jay Raymond, Kathleen Thompson, Catherine Suttle, Val Sivilli

  1.  We have decided on a name :  T.H.A.T.  The Hunterdon Art Tour
  2.  URL is www.TheHunterdonArtTour.com/.org/.net
  3. We have decided to move forward with  THAT (the tour) before pulling together the Creative Team.  We are NOT abandoning Sustainable NJ and the Creative Team, although we felt as if THAT would actually help us to be able to find players in a County Wide Creative Team. We decided this because of the seemingly daunting process of putting 2 teams together.(a creative team AND a studio tour team) So, we are going to begin very simply. A very simple website.Maybe even a mail in check with a pdf downloadable form!  How’s about that!
  4. We will reach out to River Union Stage to act as our 501.C3 umbrella.
  5. We will apply to NJ Tourism Grant for 2017
  6. We will meet with Carrie Fellows to talk about their partnership.
  7. We will schedule an Artist meeting TBA in early summer.

State of the Tour…

Thank you all for a fabulous meeting! It is clear that this Tour will be a huge success! 

Stay tuned for more info. 

The summary of last Monday’s meeting along with a statement to help guide us through our next steps, will be posted by the end of this week.