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New info & Deadline Fast Approaching

New INFO about showing  with other artists AT ONE LOCATION.

  • If THREE or more artists will be showing AT ONE LOCATION 
  • AND each of them pay the $125 fee to have an individual artist page on our website
  • THEN we will make that location a DESTINATION and identify it as such on our map and give it a page on website
It’s that simple!
In this way you get to show your work with other artists; have your work featured on its own web page; and as a DESTINATION with muliple artists you might increase traffic during THAT.

The deadline to register is March 15th.  Meeting this deadline insures that your studio or destination will appear on the printed map and we’ll have enough time to create your webpage. If you need to refresh your understanding of the details to participate, go here: http://thehunterdonarttour.com/participate/ If want to head straight for Entrythingy, to register, go here: http://www.entrythingy.com/d=thehunterdonarttour.com.