Driving America's Art Scene - Hunterdon County, NJ USA

The First Meeting! April 4th

MONDAY, APRIL 4th, 5:30 PM at, 71 Main Street, Historic Court House, Flemington NJ 08822 

Hello Hunterdon County Artist,

This is a reminder that we are having our first meeting of the Hunterdon County Artist Studio Tour this coming Monday. Please, put in on/in your Calendar.  A small team of artists have already accomplished quite a bit although there is more than a lot left to be done.  

What we plan to accomplish:

  • Present the concept and give a presentation about it’s structure.
  • Introduce the current players.
  • Welcome new players in the most important roles of the Project.
  • Encourage Residents to be part of the Hunterdon County’s Creative Team through Sustainable New Jersey.
  • Encourage more ideas and suggestions to facilitate a successful event.
  • Share what we have accomplished so far.
  • Listen to new ideas and suggestions. 

You can help facilitate our first meeting by reading through the informational Blog (link below)  if you have not done so already. There are a lot of questions that will be asked that are already answered in the BLOG.  We Artists LOVE to share our opinions and all opinions are valued and necessary.  Being mindful of the work that has already been done will allow the discourse to remains focused thus using our time more efficiently.


I am looking forward to a great turnout. The enthusiasm for this project has been remarkable.  AND..  if you can..please bring some snack food to share : small water bottles, cookies, fruit – ez stuff to eat.

 See you Monday.



ps… If you cannot attend, sign up for this blog and you will receive updates.