Driving America's Art Scene - Hunterdon County, NJ USA

Progress Report!!!

After much hard work and a lot of meetings, last week the Committee has succeeded in meeting and uploading the deadline for the NJ TOURISM Grant application. It was accepted and it is being reviewed. We have also secured a 25% matching donor which we will announce once we hear about the results of the grant application. We should know in less than 10 weeks. We all needed a little breather – that was a lot of work… so after Memorial Day, we will call our next meeeting.  Fingers crossed y’all!!


update on progress

Good afternoon!

There is so much enthusiasm for THAT is Hunterdon County.  We are moving along at breakneck speed.

The Core Steering Committee is working hard to meet the deadline for applying for a NJ Tourism Grant to fund the first year of THAT. The deadline is Monday,  and it looks really great!  we are getting there.  It’s been a lot of work. We should know if we get this grant by late summer.  A meeting will be called in July to pull together our list of volunteers and try to get a handle on what our logo actually is. A preliminary version of the logo is loaded up on the blog (look up!) for now at least.

I encourage you to PLEASE join you local Green Teams, and contact me to join the Creative Team so that we can apply for funding through Sustainable New Jersey.

CHEERS!!!  val