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David Norton

David Norton



The Corner 

David’s studio will be open to the public on Saturday, April 30 from 11 AM to 5 PM

52 Main Street, Flemington, NJ 08822

(908) 854-3166

I like playing games with what my eyes see. Is there a gap between what we perceive and what exists in the real world? Can things we all see every day be looked at differently? If you pose enough grandiose rhetorical questions at the start of an artists statement, does anyone actually finish it? Who’s to say, really?

I’m a landscape photographer. I am a street photographer. I am a product photographer. I am a newborn photographer. I am a portrait photographer.

I am a needle threader. I spend most of my days working with people who need better photos of themselves but don’t know the first thing about how to make that happen. So they come to me. I combine a love for getting to know new people and finding out what makes them an interesting person with my refined technical skills, which basically boils down to using some lights to make them look great. And then I thread the needle. Enough awareness of my camera, and what is happening, but not quite enough to be intimidated or afraid.

My job is done when someone looks at their photo and says “I don’t look that good in real life” and never before then. Because of course they do. They just don’t get to see it every day.