Driving America's Art Scene - Hunterdon County, NJ USA

THAT team wants to thank all of you who came to meeting this past Tuesday Evening. It was incredibly informative for us and totally affirming! We have come to a few decisions we would like to share:

  1. RE: Hunterdon Museum of ART Exhibition: We will NOT impose a price limitation on the piece that the participating artist chooses to submit. The scale will be limited to 30″ wide for wall work. Display options for Sculpture and other items will be worked out individually.
  2.  We are planning to create separate pull down menus for multiple artists exhibiting at one location : i.e: Toshiko Takaezu STUDIO, Prallsville Mills, Sunflower Studio – or others – as well as individual pages for each artist.
  3. We are maintaining the TOTAL price for the tour at $125.  ($35. application fee + $90. due at acceptance)
  4. Destinations do NOT get artists pages. Destinations will have a place on the MAP – both Printed (if $$ paid by March 1st) and DIGITAL (no deadline) – and a link to their website through the destination marker.

\I’m sure there is more – but I gotta get back to that painting across the room!

xo val